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Hi. Iím Thomas J. Campbell and this is my campaign website. You can also visit me on Facebook. Contact me by telephone or e-mail if you have any questions or want to tell me your thoughts about my candidacy. Look for me as I doorbell throughout the District to ask for your vote. I wonít dodge your questions or offer you partisan platitudes and empty promises: I never have and I wonít start now.

As I have for all of my 16 years as State Representative, I WILL LISTEN CAREFULLY TO YOUR CONCERNS AND I WILL BE GUIDED BY YOUR OPINIONS AND THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE. My purpose in seeking your vote is to represent you, the voters, in everything I do in Olympia. Even my opponent has pointed out that I wonít follow the dictates of the party bosses, and I will not dishonor you or my service to you by voting the way the special interests demand. posturing and negativity.

All you have to do is look at my record. I have worked hard to help the people and businesses of the 2nd District, especially during the current economic problems that have so damaged the economy of Pierce County. Although I opposed the spendthrift budgets and cruel tax hikes enacted by the Legislature, I worked with Democrats in the House Transportation Committee to bring hundreds of millions of dollars in state and federal transportation projects and thousands of jobs to the 2nd District and Pierce County.

My own party was wrong to oppose taking action to stimulate the economy through infrastructure development and provide jobs for our people. Thatís why I led the fight to get our fair share of transportation appropriations for our area, and my willingness to ignore party labels is why the special interests and the party bosses have targeted me in this election.

In addition, as Chair of the House Environmental Health Committee (the only Republican in the majority Democratic House to chair a Committee), I have successfully challenged both political parties to do what's right for the people to stop MRSA infections in our hospitals and to drive methamphetamine producers from our neighborhoods. Partisanship and special interest politics will not deter me from continuing to make the political process benefit the people of the 2nd District. Please review here a few of my accomplishments in the Washington State Legislature.

Dig deep into this website and elsewhere to find out what kind of person I am and what I believe in. I am not a perfect person, and I know that there are things you and I will disagree about. But I also know that if you get to know who I am and what I stand for, I can honestly ask you to re-elect me to represent the 2nd Legislative District of the State of Washington. Read my positions on the major issues of the day here.

The State of Washington faces unprecedented challenges that affect our Country, our State and our communities. If you will once again vote for me, I will continue to address those challenges to benefit the 2nd District. Both political parties share the blame for the mess we're in. We must do new things, and we must do them regardless of party divisions. I ask you to once again give me the opportunity to help.

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